Core Advantages
As a brand new generation of public blockchain, LinkChain is aimed to provide highly concurrent and privacy-oriented business scenarios with a set of high-performance, safe and reliable blockchain infrastructures.

High-performance and Scalable

LinkChain uses the EBFT (Effective BFT) consensus mechanism and mulch-chain architecture, with capacities of strong consistency, high throughput, low latency and scalability, etc. to meet the scenario demands of high frequency and strong fluctuation in commercial trades.

Strong Privacy and Security

Linkable ring signature and Bulletproofs schemes are adopted to support dual concealing of account address and trading amount, which helps guarantee personal information security and provide necessary conditions for effective running of the free market.

Dual Compatibility and More Practicality

It supports the double account model of UTXO & Account as well as both virtual machines of WASM and EVM, which extremely facilitates the development of smart contract and expands the business ecosystem of LinkChain.

Multi-Asset and Cross-Chain

LinkToken, an applied Token, is used as original digital assets. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cross-chain assets as original LinkToken for management and turnover, and enables you to enjoy the entire privacy protection scheme and decentralized trading service.

Credit Mechanism to Energize Commerce

In the future, trust value, a comprehensive index to measure user contribution and behavioral credibility, will be introduced to realize a consensus mechanism based on credit rating, solve uplink or downlink credit transfer, and motivate the community energy and business potential to a greater extent.
Two major self-developed applications based on LinkChain

Membership score application to energize new retail
- Providing many benefits to members

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The largest blockchain commercial application worldwide
- Shared computing

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More application scenarios
LinkChain-based high-performance consensus algorithm, privacy protection program, multi-assets account model and credit rating mechanism of basic support enable LinkChain to be applied to extensive scenarios in decentralized organization, commerce, finance and public welfare.

Search service

Various applications, stores or services on LinkChain have credit values. Users may search and rank them based on the credit value to quickly find quality application, store or service.

Decentralized self-governing organization or community services

Through the credit rating mechanism, LinkChain has provided a reliable and efficient method not only to eliminate intermediary cost, but also largely reduce transaction cost (search cost, signing cost and coordination cost), turning the company to a decentralized organization for guaranteed profit.

Decentralized financial services

The parties who neither understand nor trust each other before transaction may verify either party's identity and strength based on the credit value and reach loan, financing, investment, insurance, risk management and other asset transactions though LinkChain.

Decentralized business model

In LinkChain-based commercial activities, the two trading parties may reduce transaction friction and solve dispute using the credit value. LinkChain will be able to explore more extensive business models using original payment system and smart contract with the credit rating system.

Public welfare program

Blockchain may get rid of the media function of intermediaries and reduce embezzlement and theft. On LinkChain, if an organization or individual violates the rules, people will be able to see them and hold them responsible and reduce their credit values. Organizations with low credit value will be hard to raise fund.

Decentralized transaction services

LinkChain supports UTXO and Account account models and multi-asset models from the bottom and supports Turing completeness smart contract. Therefore, it facilitates the realization of decentralized transaction services; the high-performance consensus algorithm can compete with centralized transaction services in throughput and transaction delay.

Development route map of LinkChain

Zheng He Upgrade

LinkChain officially enters the co-building era

  • UTXO and Account models simultaneously supported
  • Private LinkToken is launched to support private UTXO transactions
  • Verifier node and relevant functions are officially launched. LinkChain will hand over consensus to verifier nodes and node pool for operation based on the node election results

Cristopher Columbus Upgrade

Provide all Tokens on the chain with private transaction services

End of 2019
  • Single account and multiple types of currency originally supported and contract releasing of private Token supported. Each Token issued on LinkChain may be converted to private UTXO

Da Gama Upgrade

Realize cross-chain communication

  • The project leader will first pick 1-2 non-LinkChain Tokens such as BitCoin, ETH or EOS, etc. and cross-link them to LinkChain to build samples for the ecosystem. Meanwhile, developers are welcome to realize cross-chain between other Tokens

Ferdinand Magellan Upgrade

Performance upgrade to support high concurrency

  • Realize expandability of chain performance and lay good foundation for the sharply increasing concurrency of various applications in the future through multi-chain or multi-layer approaches.

James Cook Upgrade

LinkChain enters the credit era

  • Realize the credit value-based consensus mechanism. Community self-governance and co-building will also enter the credit era. Be responsible for Internet information and trust from each LinkChain user (address) to open up and build the Internet credit era.